Frequently asked questions

How much does PigPin cost?

– $24.99 charged monthly.

When will I get my box?

– At the beginning of every month! However, your first box will ship instantly!

When will I get my first box?

– Your first box will be shipped within 24 hours after your payment is processed and your theme has been picked. Please allow 4-5 days for your box to be delivered.

How do themes work?

– Every month we offer 3 different themes. Themes allow our subscribers to get a curated surprise. These themes will have a distinct style and name. Pick the one that sounds the best to you!

How do I pick my theme?

– Every month you will receive a text/e-mail notifying you that themes for the current month are available to choose from. To choose your theme, simply login to your account, and visit the link that is shared via SMS or e-mail. Once you arrive at the link logged in, choose your theme, and confirm your address and billing information.

What If I change my mind about my theme?

– Reach out to us at and we will work to have your theme adjusted.

Why should I get pins every month?

– If you consider yourself creative, cool, or fun PigPin is for you.

I subscribed… now what?

– You can expect your first box at your door soon!