About PigPin!

About PigPin!

Savannah has always liked having a way to express herself in how she dressed and accessorized. From jackets, to clips, to shoes she loved being able to express her personality in how she looked to the world, thus PigPin was made! Savannah made this brand with her brother, Nick. The duo combined Nick’s creativity and Savannah’s ideas into the unique designs you see on the website!

Savannah wanted to give people the chance to express themselves in small ways, so she came up with creating pins then stickers then hats. All things people can use to express their interests and personality!

At first it was Savannah and Nick then Sofia joined the party to help with photography and the social media aspect of it. The three of us were having a blast trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t, what our colors should be, and what vibe the Instagram should be. 

We are still trying to figure it out, everything is not always linear when it comes to running a small business. Everyday we come up with something to change or redo so we can keep being the best we can be. 

Over the years this has been a fun experience and it is so cool to be able to do things we love!